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Clockwork Arcana

Tree Speaker

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Reaching into this bag is like reaching into a cosy burrow lined with thick moss. The woodland theme continues with beads made out of lichen-encrusted twigs. We make these beads ourselves, using branches of ash foraged in the forests of Oxfordshire.

Tree Speaker is lined with virgin loden. This fabric is made by repeatedly shrinking and teasing woollen cloth until it acquires the dense texture of felt. It is an age-old technique that results in cloth that is incredibly warm, supple, and durable.

Proudly handmade in the UK, each bag comes with a free, detachable Belt Loop.


Approximately 15.5cm tall with a 11.5cm round base. Large enough to hold over 100 dice, a tarot deck, or mobile phone.


  • This bag is made using leather produced by Charles F Stead, one of England's few remaining tanneries. Each hide is the by-product of food waste and is dyed using non-toxic dyes.

  • We only use pure wool fabric and linen thread to ensure our goods are ecologically sound.


    All of our bags are shipped fully Tracked with Royal Mail (FREE for our UK customers).


    Our bags are made from natural materials so each piece will have slight variations and may differ slightly from the images presented here.