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Clockwork Arcana

Tabula Incanto - Spell Counter

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Wood Backing

Designed with the discerning caster in mind, our Tabula Incanto - named for the Latin 'tabula' to count and 'incanto', to consecrate with spells - will ensure you don't lose track of your spell slots in the heat of battle.

Constructed from solid brass with a wood backing, the counter features a series of sliding gauges that represent every spell level from first level to ninth. Each gauge tracks the number of spell slots available at that level, from zero to 5.

The counter's intuitive and timeless design, combined with a satisfying 'click' when a slider is moved, make it easy to mark off spells you've cast and keep track of how many slots are remaining.


Each Spell Counter comes with its own pure wool felt slip-case, secured with a clasp made of hand-stitched Italian leather.  

To create a truly memorable gift, each Counter is also packaged in our collectible black Arcana box. This sturdy box, with its minimalistic logo and no obvious branding, is an ideal place to store those extra dice, minis or esoteric treasures you find.


  • Choose the wood backing you'd like:

    • Zebrano (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) - golden yellow with regular dark brown streaks
    • Sucupira (Bowdichia nitida) - warm chocolate with fine yellow striping 
    • Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril) - dark reddish brown with dark streaks
  • Upon receipt of your order, we'll contact you via email to clarify provide an estimate delivery date. As our counters are hand-made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks processing and shipping time.


    Length 13cm x Height 5cm x Depth 1cm.


      Spell Counters are shipped with full Tracking via Royal Mail.


      • Our Spell Counters are hand made from natural materials, so each piece may have slight variations and differ slightly from the images presented here.

      • This device contains rare-earth magnets, which may cause damage to credit cards and electronic devices. People with pacemakers are advised to exercise caution when handling.