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Clockwork Arcana

Root of Mandrake - Clockwork Arcana Dice in Worn Tan Bone

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Encourage the Fates to watch over every roll with these unique, Clockwork Arcana dice.

Featuring our All-Seeing Eye logo on the D6, these dice are both tactile and incredibly easy to read!

Root of Mandrake Characteristics

COLOUR : Bone white
STREAKS : Umber patches
LUSTRE : Earthy

LETTERING : Black with Clockwork Arcana logo on D6

HERITAGE : According to superstition, the root of the mandrake plant screams when it is pulled from the ground, killing any who hear it and condemning the perpetrator to hell. This, however, does not prevent its harvest by mages keen to summon a homunculus to do their bidding.


  • This set includes seven (7) resin dice in total: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100.

  • To protect your dice and cut back on plastic, each set comes in a biodegradable calico drawstring pouch, stamped with the Clockwork Arcana logo.

    Handy and good for the planet!


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