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Clockwork Arcana

The Nomad

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Kudu leather bears the scars accumulated by the animal during its lifetime. These scars ensure each Nomad bag is unique - a story waiting for new battle-scars.

Proudly handmade in the UK, each bag can comes with a free, detachable Belt Loop.



Approximately 19cm tall with a 11.5cm round base. Large enough to hold over 140 dice, a tarot deck, or mobile phone.


  • This bag is made using leather produced by Charles F Stead, one of England's few remaining tanneries. Each hide is the by-product of food waste and is dyed using non-toxic dyes.

  • Kudu are a species of antelope native to Africa. They graze on the sharp, thorny brush of the savannah and are prey to lions, wild dogs, and hyenas. Each leave their mark on the antelope's hide - battle-scars gained from a life in the wild. To prevent overpopulation, indigenous communities are encouraged to hunt the kudu for its meat, hides, and horns. No part of the animal is wasted.

    To protect the kudu and ensure they are hunted in a responsible manner, 10% of every Nomad bag sale will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

  • We only use 100% linen thread to ensure our goods are ecologically sound.


    All of our bags are shipped fully Tracked with Royal Mail (FREE for our UK customers).


    Our bags are made from natural materials so each piece will have slight variations and may differ slightly from the images presented here.