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Clockwork Arcana

Arcanist's Cap - Brown Soil

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Throughout history, the term 'arcanist' has been applied to those in possession of secret knowledge. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, you know these are all turns of the same wheel.

For some, the iconic shape of your hat indicates 'danger, beware!' For others, it means wisdom and strength. And for you? The hat keeps your head dry. What more can an arcanist ask for?


A rich chocolate brown that changes with handling to create swirls that resemble the deep fertile parts of the earth. The underside is soft and dyed to match, ensuring your hat will always be beautiful.


  • Choose your size by measuring around your head at it's widest circumference. Depending on size, the brim is between 45-51cm in diameter, with a height of approximately 17cm.

    • Small - 54 - 55 cm
    • Medium - 56 - 57cm
    • Large - 58 - 59 cm
    • X-Large - 60 - 61.5cm
  • Upon receipt of your order, we'll contact you via email to clarify sizing and provide an estimate delivery date. Please note that we do not keep hats in stock as each is handmade to order. We aim to produce each hat within 1-2 weeks of receiving an order.


  • Our Arcanist's Cap is made from premium vegetable-tanned leather produced by the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Tuscany, Italy. No animals were sacrificed for this product. Each hide is the by-product of food waste and is vegetable-tanned and dyed using non-toxic dyes.

  • We only use 100% linen thread to ensure our goods are ecologically sound.


    • To protect your hat in transit and beyond, it is packaging in a hat box.

    • All hats are shipped with full Tracking via a courier.

    • We offer FREE shipping to all our UK customers


    • Our hats are made from natural materials so each piece will have slight variations and may differ slightly from the images presented here.

    • This hat is based on a pattern by the talented Tony of DieselpunkRo and we include this price in the cost of each hat we sell.